Jade Kelsie

Online Coaching

Health & Fitness

I have learnt a lot throughout the years of competing and my knowledge has further allowed me to now own my own business doing 1-2-1 personal training and online coaching. The experience I have had is something I want to share, as having a healthy lifestyle can help change your life for the better.

Over the years of being a personal trainer and online coach it has helped me grow my knowledge to be able to help different types of people whether that’s to lose weight, feel confident or build muscle. I know that having a positive mindset can help you achieve anything which is why I want to help women and men feel confident and happy within their own skin.

Online Coaching

You can expect 100% honesty from me, my full attention and commitment to help you achieve your desired goals. Competition clients will also be able to do IFBB Bikini posing within there monthly package. You will receive a tailored diet and training plan from me explaining what will need to do.

I will interact with you through video messages and via voice notes and texts.
You will be able to lose weight/gain muscle or achieve any goal that you set yourself with 100% commitment and honesty there is nothing we can’t achieve.


Tailored Meal Plans

Your meal plan will be tailored to your specific needs in order for you to achieve your desired goals. You will be able to access this via the app which will have all the recipes to make a variety of different meals. No more boring dieting…


Personalised Workout Plans

Training plans will be set to ensure that you reach your full potential whether your wanting to lose weight and tone up or looking to build muscle and compete. I can tailor a plan to suit you!


Coach Support

From me as a coach you will receive at least twice a week check ins, consistent support and guidance along with years of experience working with lots of different kinds of people.

You can do anything you put your mind to

Client Transformations

My goal is to help men and women achieve their full potential and feel comfortable in their own skin and have the mindset to match.

About Me

I started online coaching after winning my IFBB Pro card in 2019, previously I had worked in gyms for over 5 years then recently set up my own gym after feeling that clients were not getting the benefit from there personal trainers as they were being overlooked and used as just another number.

My clients are usually female around 18/50 years old who either want to lose weight and tone up or build muscle, have health issues which stop them from training and dieting or people who struggle to understand how to eat and train I also coach bikini athletes who want to compete.

After working with the general public face to face for over 8 plus years I now want to take the knowledge I have built and help other people around the world not just around my area.


level 2 fitness instructor

level 3 personal trainer

level 4 Specialist in diabetes and obesity

level 5 Advanced nutritionist

Spin instructor

HIIT Instructor

Sport Massage therapist



Alicante IFBB PRO 12th

Romania IFBB PRO 7th

British IFBB PRO 4th

Overall Winner Amateur Olympia Bikini Champion 2019

1st - Amateur Olympia London Bikini 2019

1st - 2 Bros Watford Bikini 2019

2nd - IFBB Amateur Olympia Alicante 2019

3rd - PCA Bikini Tall 2019

2nd - PCA North East 2017

3rd - UKBFF Bodypower 2016

The purpose of our lives is to be happy