Five things I wish I’d known before I started my fitness journey

My journey has not been the easiest, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! The challenges that have been thrown my way have made me who I am and made my determination stronger and stronger and my goals bigger and bigger.

These days I love working out, and how it makes me look and feel, but I didn’t always used to be this way, so don’t worry if you’re feeling the same. I hope my experiences can help you as you begin to find your way into fitness.

I don’t know all there is to know about bodybuilding and motivation. I learn new things about myself and my sport every day – but these are the five things I wish I’d known before starting my fitness journey…

Five things I wish I’d known

  1. Not every day is a good day – especially when competing, you always get those days when you’re tired and don’t want to go on – you need to learn to push through that.

  2. You need to make sure that you always have a starting point – you will never get to what you want to look like straight away. You’re going to need years of hard work, time and dedication before you get to your goals.

  3. You don’t ever win first – the very lucky ones will, but the first time you do a show you won’t. If you expect to get what you want immediately, you’ll be so disappointed that you might just stop trying.

  4. Don’t ever compare yourselves to other people – when competing, even in lifestyle, don’t think you want to look like someone else – they might not be your body type. It took me a long time to stop scrolling on Instagram looking at my competition!

  5. Stick to the plan – because it works!

What’s surprised me as I’ve got further in bodybuilding?

The most surprising aspect of my fitness journey? That I kept going through everything that’s been thrown my way. When I’ve been at my lowest this year, I literally didn’t think I’d still be here. It’s surprised me how well I’ve just got on with things. I haven’t let it stop me, when I could’ve easily given up.

With my drive and the big goals I’ve got, I have to push myself through the hard times. I don’t want to use my daily struggles with epilepsy as an excuse to stop me from getting where I want to be.

You will get to some tough points in fitness prep and in life, but you just need to keep pushing through – if a goal is worth it and you want it that bad, then you will be able to overcome it. Make sure your goals are strong enough!

Being invited to The Arnolds was one thing but placing in them was a big pat on the back – now I know I can do it.

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